Do You Think The Idea Of God Is Weird? – ‘The Evidence Against & The Truth Revealed’

I wasn’t a believer in God until I realised I was thinking about it wrong. In this article I reveal a simple truth that can change your life.

If you don’t believe in God you haven’t seen it like this. You don’t need blind faith or to believe some weird mystical story. We’ve misunderstood what God actually means.

I’ll show arguments against God’s existence as well as evidence and the undeniable facts that show God isn’t what we thought, but is what we think…

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World Cup Brazil – Video Referees? Or, Embrace Diving and Build Excitement & Anticipation?


The World Cup is underway in Brazil with Croatia vs Brazil in the opening match. It was an enjoyable game but an incident during the game raised a few questions for me and my brother when Fred, Brazil’s striker ‘appeared’ to dive and ‘win’ a penalty. Bringing up talk of video referees to stamp diving out of the game, but is that the best way or should we embrace diving? Bare with me…

Much is being made of players diving to win penalties in the last few seasons with Yellow Cards introduced to try to stop diving, except players still dive and it’s obvious why…

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What ‘Makes’ a Great Defender


Defending is really simple, it mainly relies on mental skills with just a handful of technical skills and physical skills. The great thing about mental skills is you can learn them from watching others, once you’re aware of them you can do them to an extent, you’ll still need to break down the steps (which is what this blog is for) and practise things like timing, but it’s relatively simple and just knowing them will improve your game.

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