Do You Think The Idea Of God Is Weird? – ‘The Evidence Against & The Truth Revealed’

I wasn’t a believer in God until I realised I was thinking about it wrong. In this article I reveal a simple truth that can change your life.

If you don’t believe in God you haven’t seen it like this. You don’t need blind faith or to believe some weird mystical story. We’ve misunderstood what God actually means.

I’ll show arguments against God’s existence as well as evidence and the undeniable facts that show God isn’t what we thought, but is what we think…

1 – Preconceptions

I grew up hearing about God as a mystical being that lived in the clouds, he could see and hear everything we did. He could hear our prayers and would protect us from evil. I don’t know about you but it sounds pretty crazy to me.

Even some people who believe don’t really know what they’re believing in.

Ricky Gervais summed it up;

“People who believe in God don’t need proof of his existence, and they don’t want evidence to the contrary. They even say things like, “it’s true to me” and “it’s faith.”

If they can’t explain what God is, they don’t know what God is, they just know that being good is good.

So far I wouldn’t believe but I’m about to show you the truth. First, here’s some more arguments against there being a God;

Why Does A Good God Allow Evil To Exist

Great Question! – Why Does God Allow Evil To Exist?! says,

“One of the most haunting questions we face concerns the problem of evil. Why is there evil in the world if there is God? Why isn’t he doing something about it? Many assume that the existence of evil disproves the existence of God.”

Here’s another image saying something similar. It raises another great question but is easily disproven when you understand the truth;

Either God Can Do Nothing, Doesn't Care Or Doesn't Exist

Or We Have Misunderstood Something…

These arguments against there being a God make perfect sense, until you have a change of perspective and a small realisation, then what God is becomes obvious…

2 – What and Who is God?

God does not exist as a literal being in the physical sense, our mind creates God. God is a metaphor for what is possible when we change our thoughts from negative to positive.

We use an image to represent what God really is. When writing the Bible, we may have understood what God is, and described him to represent this better version of ourselves. We described him in our image, as a bigger and better version of ourselves.

That is what God is. God is you, me and everybody else when we all operate with the same positive thoughts (on the same wavelength/frequency). Acting together we create God through our positive thoughts.

Think about this, why does God appear in Human form, why is God referred to as he, why does evil exist, why does worship make God more powerful and more able to conquer evil…?

Let’s answer those questions;

Your thoughts when tuned in to a positive frequency create a better version of you through the actions the thoughts drive. All of us together create a better version of mankind. That is why God appears in Human form, often a larger and better version of ourselves.

– God and Earth live in harmony. We refer to Earth as ‘Mother Earth’ or ‘Mother Nature’, she nurtures and gives life. God, our Father, protects us from evil (when we group together as God).

– God is in all of us, the positive traits of Men & Women, God is Mankind or Man, another reason we refer to God as He.

– We create evil with our mind, when we rid ourselves of evil we rid the world of evil, then God will have rid the world of evil. We rid the world of evil when we all become God.

– Worship simply means; ‘the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity’ – When we all operate on the same positive frequency we give more power to those thoughts through our collectivity, more power to God.

To see God we have to clear our minds of what we believe is true, only then can we open our minds to what we know is true.

3 – Who or What is the Devil?

God is in us and so is the Devil. We have to learn to control our Devil. The Devil was important to us as we evolved, it is our survival instinct, it’s the part of us that is selfish and greedy. It’s trying to help you survive. It puts your survival over others. It says do what ever it takes to get what you need even if that means being violent.

We don’t need this part of us like we used to. We can evolve beyond that, we are the only creature on earth at this time, capable of evolving beyond animals. Evolving beyond our animal instincts into a higher self, one that creates a better world for everyone (not just ourselves), our God self.

The Devil is a metaphor, it represents the evil thoughts within us, the animal that we still feel. Those thoughts manifest Hell: A world where there are wars, famine, lying and cheating, selfishness and greed, judgement and… not caring about our planet causing global warming (burning in Hell?).

The destruction and littering of our planet is insane, it’s our home and people are messing it up, ruining it’s beauty. Only the mega rich with their large corporations putting profit above all else, can afford to live in the remaining beautiful places, while the rest of us live in a concrete Purgatory or wallow in the slums.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere beautiful, they may come in and buy the land for fracking, building or harvesting. They destroy the earth for their own greed and gain, while everybody else has to live in the consequences.

So why do we continue to support a system that encourages these negative traits we all have inside us? Because some of us are more evolved than others and at the minute the people ‘in charge’ and creating Hell are the least evolved.

4 – The Change

We must become selfless, share, and encourage, help others, be kind and loving, respect each other and the planet, live in harmony with each other and earth, then we will be with God.

This creates God through our collective conscious (all of us thinking and acting on the same positive wavelength creates God – we are still individuals but together we become God.) when there is disaster, rather than saying, “If God existed he wouldn’t allow this.” We will know that disasters happen but what God does is help those in need, he is selfless, he will do everything he can.

God is our collective conscious, when you hear of God as a singular being this is what it means. It’s all of us together acting as one for the greater good of all living things and the planet.

Being God like gives you a sense of Euphoria, the definition is; ‘a state of intense happiness and self-confidence’

When you help someone in need, do random acts of kindness, help someone achieve a better life or give other people good feelings. You will feel a sense of Euphoria. Performers on stage at the end of a well received show will feel Euphoria as their audience stands in appreciation for the good feeling they provided.

Why are we rewarded in this way…?

5 – What is Heaven & Eden?

Now imagine Heaven, what do you see?
A Peaceful happy place where people get along, there is no judgement, plenty of food for everyone, happiness, kindness, love and respect.

When we become God through our thoughts, our thoughts manifest in the physical world through the actions our thoughts drive. We create Heaven. Heaven is a place on Earth.

We will live in small communities and it will be like our Garden of Eden, if Heaven is the world we create as God, Eden is our home on Earth. It’s our communities, places of work, friends and social life. Don’t take the forbidden fruit though or God will kick you out. Yes if you don’t live as God you don’t belong in our beautiful Garden of Eden and we’ll show you on your way, back to the Hell you’ve created.

Even the story of Adam and Eve; the first humans to ‘Wakeup’ in the Garden of Eden is a metaphor. Don’t regress and take the forbidden fruit (Evil) or God (you and me living as God) will kick you out, you’ll be banished until you can truly open and be with God (on the same positive wavelength).

6 – The Last Step in Evolution

Have you ever watched a lion hunting buffalo and watched as an entire herd runs from a single lion and thought, “Why don’t they group together and chase down the lion?”

Buffalo Running From Lion

Our Animal Mind Acts On Instinct – In A Civilised World These Traits Are Seen As Bad

Herd Fleeing of More Than 50 Buffalo Fleeing 5 Lions

The reason is their instincts to survive (the animal instincts we recognise in us as bad), without them a buffalo would be easy pickings for the lion unless they stick together. With no way to communicate the buffalo can’t chance that they all will. Sometimes, one will stand and fight and the herd joins in.

Lion Chased by Buffalo Herd

Working Together As One For Good

We can communicate though, we need to recognise that it is our choice to live as animals or evolve and become something else… The thing we call God.

The last bit of evolving we have to do is in our minds. It’s simple, all we have to do is choose good, live by positives (these are obvious but here’s a reminder):

The Good (God)

  1. Share – There is enough food for everybody.
  2. Kindness – Do nice things for people just because (you and the person you do something nice for will feel great).
  3. Gratitude – Be thankful when someone does something nice for you, they’ll appreciate it and it will make you feel good too.
  4. Be HonestIf you are lying, you already know you’re in the wrong (with a few exceptions).
  5. Live in Peace & Harmony – When you disagree, listen and try to understand where the other person is coming from. Work with the laws of nature, not against them.
  6. Respect – When someone has put effort into something good, respect it.
  7. Don’t Judge People – We’re all different, embrace and encourage differences, the world is more interesting with diversity.
  8. EncourageHelp people move forward in life, challenge them to do better and help them where you can (you’ll receive this many times over!)
  9. Be Optimistic – If you believe, you’re a thousand times more likely to achieve, if at first you fail, learn and go again.
  10. Be Open Minded – Allow new ideas in and make your own mind up, challenge your current beliefs.
  11. Be Good to Yourself – Eat well, exercise, make the right decisions (you know what they are!), believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, what you believe in and your rights; don’t allow others to force you into restricting your self (keep it positive).
  12. Compassion/Empathy – Understand the other person’s point of view and do something to help people who are suffering.

The Bad (Devil)

  1. Greed – If you just want to receive, others will not want to give.
  2. Deceit – Deliberately misleading others will lose their trust.
  3. ViolenceDoes winning a fight mean your opinion is right? Even defence can be calm.
  4. Disrespect – A lack of respect for others will cause others to lack respect for you.
  5. Judging People – This will cause people to close up around you and move away from you.
  6. Discouraging – Trying to stop people progressing so you don’t feel guilty about standing still stops real progression.
  7. Pessimism – Giving up before even trying guarantees your pessimism was right!
  8. Closed Mind – Only accepting what you already believe or know limits your growth and progression in life.
God = Good, Devil = Bad

God isn’t what we believe, but is what we think.

We all have these traits within us, the good and the bad. We have to recognise and control our negative thoughts and emotions and instead encourage our positive thoughts, emotions and actions. If you have traits from both sides that are showing through, you’re in Purgatory, the place between Heaven and Hell. To get to Heaven you don’t have to die in the physical sense, but you are reborn in the spiritual sense.

Your spirit is just your soul, it’s what makes you, you. The soul is good or bad and you can change it. Humans are the only animal capable because we can communicate our thoughts to others and we are aware of the possibility to change.

Sometimes you’ll catch yourself on the wrong side and snap out of it. That’s ok, keep moving toward good. Now you see the truth you are already waking up. You can appreciate being alive, you begin to notice the world around you and it’s beauty, you feel the difference.

You realise that being good is rewarding, that helping others makes you feel good.

7 – What is Slowing Our Evolution?

One thing is that we think we’re doing the right thing. We’ve been told what religion is and what God is but it doesn’t make sense. Some religious people will sin and be bad to other people and then ask for forgiveness, pray and worship God believing that Faith is what will get you to Heaven.

It doesn’t work like that, you can’t fake it then ask forgiveness, you can’t treat people badly then go to church and be excused, you can’t act on your animal/negative instincts and be in Heaven (the Utopia we create through being good to one another and Earth). We have to wakeup and see what it really means, that the only way we can live in a Heaven is to become all that is Good all the time.

Praying for an external being in times of need or for help gives you false hope that things will change just by believing. Realise that it’s up to you to make the change, you create your own success with a little help from others. If you are a good person, when you ask for help from others they’ll gladly help.

Perhaps that is what it means to pray to God, to ask for help from others who you would help if they were in need (people with God). But don’t rely on others purely and don’t rely on an external being, it’s down to you, the closer to being God you are, the more help others close to God will be for you.

The other thing is money, it doesn’t make the world go round, a world where money is the most important thing can be a terrible place. Money can be the route of evil if you don’t wakeup. Wars start and people killed for money. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to feel guilty about having money, but don’t make it the reason you exist or the core reason for your being.

Why be the richest man in the graveyard, especially if you had to climb over others and make the world a worse place to get there. Put money to good use, enjoy it and help others live, improve people’s lives with it and you can live in harmony with money.

8 – Who is Jesus

Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus isn’t the Father of God, that would make him the Creator of God, and Jesus didn’t create God, he recognised that God is already in us, we just need to see it.

Jesus spread the word and opened people’s minds. He let God be their guide, their Father figure, in that sense we’re all the Son of God.

The second coming of the Son of God is simply someone who stands tall and shouts loud and proud about their/our Father, God and helps to open people’s eyes. He wants no credit, just for people to wakeup and realise that God is good and we will create a better world for everybody when we recognise that.

God exists as thoughts from our collective minds creating a singular entity that long ago we describe as a single greater being, the greater being is us when we evolve beyond our animal minds through the filter of good. We will become the greater being, more evolved than any animal on earth today.

The more people who see the truth and live by it the stronger God is because God is simply our thoughts and those thoughts manifested into our actions create Heaven and Eden.

The Devil (and Hell) is the opposite, it’s the primal instinctive traits (that we now recognise as negative for a society) in all of us. To evolve and become supreme beings and not animals we must all recognise these traits within us and learn to control them. We are the only animal that is capable of being fully awake collectively. When we do wakeup from our animal life we become spiritual beings.

People who are not awake, will tell you you’re crazy because they don’t understand, their mind isn’t open. They will tell you to be kind and nice without really knowing what that means because it keeps you passive and easy to walk over/control. You must be all that is good to be fully awake.

You can’t argue against it – That is proof God exists, that you and everybody is God, just not as we thought! It doesn’t matter what name you give it, the idea is the same. God is just the name given to the idea by Christianity.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.




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